Let’s Get Chatting…#3

If your a lover of books and want to read something to get your brain gears working. Have a read of this post!! Which I found very interesting ❤️

Hawthorn Book Reviews


So today’s topic is Why is romance disappearing from YA?
I have been adoring these, and you guys have too, so let’s get chatting…

So, commonly in YA – whether it is a contemporary romance or a dramatic fantasy, there tends to be a cute romance for me to ship. I love this and personally, I would not change this for the world. Maybe it’s because I am a lonely singleton but nothing compares to a good old romance to cheer up a character in need. But I feel it recently has been getting a bad reputation, which means romances are cropping up less and less in genres of YA which are not marketed solely as romance.

I think it stems from three things:
1. Diversity, equality and individuality
2. “feminism” (I have put them in quotation marks because it’s the shortest way to describe it but I don’t…

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